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Self-Service Kiosks

Self-Service Kiosks

The UK QSR and casual dining restaurant sector is at a tipping point of widespread adoption of self-serve and kiosk technology, fervently trying to combat tech enabled market disruption and the rise of third party order and delivery Apps, a fast changing digital native customer and tough economic and political times.

For too long British operators have been watching the prolific and successful digital transformation of self-serve and instore kiosks in the United States, asking themselves three pertinent questions:

1) Are self-serve kiosks right for us?
2) How will restaurant self-serve kiosks be received by our British diners?
3) What is the best approach to integrating self-serve and kiosks into our existing physical environment, customer journey and BoH infrastructure?

Restaurant self-serve technology is here to stay and will become mainstream, particularly in the quick serve sector, whether individual operators chose to migrate totally to a cashless self-serve environment or integrate it into a blended environment of self-serve and cashier transaction.

Self-serve technology is in our daily lives at kiosks, online and mobile. It is the new norm in ticketing, health, transport and more. And it is penetrating restaurants and the wider hospitality sector faster than many of us like to acknowledge. There is no longer time to watch and discuss what others such as Tossed and McDonalds have achieved, it is a time of action and deliverable results.